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Jul 29, 2014 09:35

I remember more than I would,about stuff that I'd prefer to forget. But this life lacks of creativity and sweetness but not of records and memories. Everything reminds me different times, persons, and loves. Summer is the cruelest month because it reminds me funny stories about sleepless nights and crazy walking around the city without destination.
I just used to go out hoping to see you somewhere around and one time it happened for real. I was near Giardini Margherita, just a little drunk, when decided to stroll in the medioeval neighborhood. So I got to pass the corner of your street and there was where I saw you. Suddenly I had a stupid idea to run over surprise you but when I was about to do it, a young man said something and you hug him and get on his motorbike. "Keep him tightly" I shouted when I was sure you were too far to hear me. Stupid bastard, almost drunk but not not enough to pay for sex or to have a street fight. I tried everything with her. She was so into me that decided to run away. This thought drove me crazy! It is so fucking stupid keep thinking stuff like when someone didn't reciprocate your love that I couldn't take it anymore.
So I walked to piazza San Francesco. A lot of people stand there playing guitar banjo or other instruments and smoking marjuana. I was lonely like hell. There were more than five hundred persons there but you were interested in me. We were surrounded by people that were destined to become the scenary of our relationship, I mean, our future friends and enemies. There were more than five hundred people there and you were the most beautiful. We talked about craziness and I quoted Nerone. There were more than five hundred people there and you chose me. Nonsense. You said that I reminded you a famous actor that killed his father and fucked the sister. I thought "well, she got me" there were stars and there were more than five hundred persons there but I felt in love with you.