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Nov 21, 2015 01:10
In the first section, a brief summer over the recent studies will be provided. The principle theories over the role of semantic aspect in verb past tense acquisition will be addressed and briefly explained. This attempt of offering a general theoretical framework has not the aim to be exhaustive, it would only point out to the emerging theories and the recent revisions of the Aspect Hypothesis. In the second section a linguistics analysis over the role of lexical aspect will be offered. To this aim, Bardovi-Harling (2002) Rodhe (2000, 1996) and Shirai (2003) and Shirai Y. Andersen R.W. (1995) research will be analyzed and compared. It will be important to have the focus on the similarities between L1 and L2 past tense acquisition in order to capture the importance of the explicit teaching instruction that will be proposed on the last section, following the suggestions of Bardovi Harling (1996).