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Jul 31, 2016 09:39

(...) Then it happens. I took a step back, without thinking, and the curtains closed. It is dark here. Where am I? An old rubbish warehouse is where I am now. The curtains are closed. There are weary dresses on red chairs, a table, a fake window and, walk in closets all over the place. In a corner, a Zorro`s mask looks at me; all around there are other masks, costumes, papers, glittery glasses and empty cans of beer. All of sudden I ask myself where on earth are the others. Who plays Juliette? Where is she? Wasn`t that hot French chick who plays Juliette? Where is she? We are not supposed to play today? I mean, isn`t rehearsal day? Come on, every Thursday it is the same old story! The Russian guy who play Hamlet talks everybody into going to his apartment and have rehearsal there and then it ends up playing drinking games, making love in the basement with a tiny cover around the wrist or throwing up on the drive-away. Sure, sure, I should go there, I only need to find the address... the correct address, and go there where the others are. Yes, yes, but I don`t remember where he lives, I mean I remember the neighborhood but I don`t know I feel so damn tired. I think it was, yes, it was last year that we used to go there, yep, last year. Hamlet went back to Russia last summer, yeah, sure. All of sudden I feel so confuse so bewildered. I don`t even remember why I came here this morning. Isn`t rehearsal day? When was the last time we had rehearsal? There was snow all over, an early blizzard found the town completely unprepared. Sam and I took a walk through the woods to get home. The traffic was jam. No salt was spread on the streets and the tires just sled away. Maybe I can call Sam and see if he remembers if today`s the rehearsal day. Sam, Sam, Sam. Ah, the old Sam! But, wait a minute, Sam`s gone, Why am I thinking about Sam??!Why?! He was the first to leave the town. Yep. He went to Texas. He`s fine. He never got back to me. I wrote him some letters the first months but the new jobs, the new place...I mean I understand the difficulty to keep in touch.
I go to the bathroom and on the hall`s wall I recognize our pictures; there is Mina who is in China now (a terrible thing happened to her before leaving) there is Stella who decided to go to Boston then to Sicily then Boston again; and look there, look! All gone! They are all...gone...
Why is it so dark here? Why? Why did I come here in the first place?
Who I was looking for? It is been a long time since we had the last rehearsal, long time. It was December. That day Mina told me that if she wasn`t engaged with a man who her family approve and if she could stay and if... She said that maybe. Maybe. Me and her. She said that. And Stella and Sam looked at her as she was crazy, because she was engaged at the time ha! Engaged to someone who she doesn`t even knew! What a glorious...a glorious day!
I go turn the lights on and finally leave this place. For ever. Yep, I am leaving this place. For ever.

I am leaving Morgantown. Oh, it feels so...weird. Now I get why it feels so weird, I am the last one to leave Morgantown, I am the last one to leave the town! I am saying goodbye not just for me, but also for Stella for Mina and for Sam! That`s the reason I am here. I got it.
Look at those dusty masks over there; look at those beautiful scene costumes!
It is about time, now. Finally it is my time, my turn. Just another, another look and I am gone.