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Mar 1, 2018 07:31

If I could, I would be more than happy to do it; however I want to make it clear that it is of you that care the most

For your virtue and value, and also because I am respectfully inclined toward you.

If that doesn`t require to depart from my good manners; which would offend my character/nature

Command me and I`ll do everything in my power to serve you as befits.

In which way? I had the impression -forgive my bluntness- that was you to having got the better of her.

Few hours have passed since I`ve met you for the first time. Something new is suddenly happened?

But, countess, if this house ruins, you and your husband lives won`t benefit from such a catastrophic event!

I am curious to know what happened.

My lady, have you heard yourself her saying such a thing?

I would never think that of you. But, chances are that who reported this to you, did it mistakenly or with the hope of having something in return.

Don`t doubt about my silence on this thing.