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Apr 8, 2019 11:01

The style of Ithaca employed a scientific dialogue of questions and answers. The sciences employed are geometry geography history astronomy physics chemistry music arithmetic among others. The lexicon of the chapter is full of scientific terminology as experiment, results, hypotheses etc. etc. The primary interest seems to be to categorize every event, object and relation between the two in a exhaustive fashion. This recollection of items and past episodes seem to be the only way for Bloom to make himself at home again after the usurpation made by Boylan.
He recalls facts and accidents happened to him and his family in the attempt to deal with the present situation. Even though, he seems quite in control of what is happening to his life, we can see he is considering carefully the possible consequences of separating from his wife. His scientific temperament, his controlling mania, is his greatest resource.
At a first glance his encounter with Stephen is a failure. He won`t sleep under his roof and won`t give Italian lesson to his wife. He won`t be engaged in any activity the putative father would prospect for him. Bloom is favorably prejudiced towards the young Stephen and would be happy to have him around in any possible future scenarios. On the other side, Stephen seems to be lost in his world and to value very little the help given by Bloom. The misunderstandings between them are many; they perceive the world differently; whereas one hears a prayer murmured in Latin, the other hears a cry. The biggest of these misunderstanding probably happens in the preceding chapter and it is about the definition of the soul as simple that Stephen gives to Leopold.
Therefore, we should say that such an encounter represents a failure in terms of recognizing a filiation and that Bloom`s paternity desires remain unsatisfied.
However, if paternity is a void, a necessary evil, something often connected to jealousy and rivalry, in this encounter we could see something different, something that resembles humanity.
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