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Dec 2, 2018 01:05

How one could judge the operate of a teacher? It is not an easy task.
I think that every professional should be open to put in discussion the fundamentals of his field. Otherwise, despite all the commitment, the results cannot be excellent.
In this course, we have read much research studies; however, I cannot remember a single one that was well conducted; that we were satisfied with.
The results and the conclusions were always doubtful; in many cases, the experiment was considered to be invalid. But we have never questioned the method or research. Is it possible that these kind of scientific experiments do not tell us enough about how language works? Is it possible that we need to redefine the field? We do not ask ourselves this question, even though it will be a very good practice, in science, to consider always the methods of research as first thing.
It is not about reconsider and adjust, I am referring to deeply questioning the validity of methods of research that do not seem to be effective.
The presents scientific methodology of investigation may be not adapt to the field of SLA. Otherwise, the Chomsky`s revolution was based on simple observable facts more than experiments; many of the historically relevant movements like the Enlightenment, were based on reflections and observation.