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Jul 14, 2014 03:10

Argentina has always meant a world to me. As a child I remember the great rebel and big sociopath ever playing football for A,S, Napoli. Nowadays we have this fantastic good guy, perfetcly nice and polite, able to dribble every human being and sometimes even himself. There is no comparation between them. The first one had a carrer path that lasted more or less as a thunder. He scared us to death. His genius is really similar to Van Gogh, he was self-destructive and crazy, always angry and sometimes mad. He've always thought life is unfair and cruel. He shared this feeling with the people of Naples that worship him more than S.Gennaro. In Naples he is just S. Maradona. He is friend of Fidel Castro he hates Uk because Falkland Island, he destroyed hiself with drugs alcool and sadness. The other one, is the best player of his era. He doesn't have that ability to be always in charge and to scare rivals easily. This match is for him the opportunity to show to the world that kindness is better that madness and fury.
Going to the other side, Germany is a really good team, it is a long time now they are playing a really good football, at least ten years. They don't have any huge star but they are great athlets, great player, good human being, always ready to put the team interest before their personal goals. They don't have any fear but Italy, because they alway lose against Italy. So they should put attention tonight because Argentinians got italian blood in their veins. I'm not crazy about Germany even if the reason why I'm so passionate about football is a german player that played for my team, Inter, when I was a child. He was brave, strong, fast. His name is Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.