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Jan 6, 2014 10:01

My life as a writer sucked, i mean, it was a big, huge, wonderful
disaster. Four years ago I started to write my first novel, that, i have been planning to pubblish for years. Decades. Hundred of years.
When i was a child use to watch out the window for too many hours. I used to imagine a different world, with happy people around me.
I actually can't remember when i begin to imagine disperate people aruound me, i mean, when people you love are way far off to be happy you start thinking at the perferct unhappiness. I mean the perfect unhappines has its own attractive.
I would not underestimate it.
So I had no choice! I was writer as a child. I didn't send letters to editor agency like Snoopy does just because i grew up in a countryside among olive trees and a beautiful blue sky, a place, where it is impossible to think that connection or communication are really important things in life..
So four years ago i stared my novel. I used to wait all my roomates was sleeping to write. It has to be all quite to begin to listent to your own music.
In that time, not short at all, before going to sleep i used to wait for downs and downs use to come up. It's more than nothing, really.
But it's a long story, so i will continue in another time.