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Jul 17, 2016 08:06

Something that slicks is something slippery!

Reckoning means to process some sort of information. In the southern areas it means -I guess- to think, to ponder something. That is what I got from reading some Fitzgerald`s short-stories that are set up in Georgia,
Also, the reckoning day is the last day of the man on earth, God will rise high into the sky and set the evils apart from the good ones.

Smuggling is to move goods illegally from a country to another.

To bicker means to have a little fight.

To flinch means to move or to tremble. For instance if you play the mule in a living native scene and you are supposed to stay still but one of your friends look at you and you flinch, that means that you`ve moved your eyes your nose and everything and that you have ruined the living nativity scene. Be ashamed for this!

A decked out house is a decorated house. Please do not call a decorator but do ot by yourself! Why wasting your money on someone deciding what you like! I am sure you have taste and if even if you have have bad taste at least you can say that it is your bad taste.

Big head up, your grandmother is upset.

That night I was drunk I said not editable words.

Your decision is stirring up a lot of controversies.

Your complexion is pale. It means you look pasty.

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