Cronemberg is a football player.

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Mar 5, 2018 05:30
Cronemberg is a football player. He plays in the role of receiver. He gets 74 rec, 1,549 yards, 13 touchdown in the last 6 game. He alone is worth 64 million this year for his school. In the pitch he is very well respected by colleagues and players of other teams.
His name is very well known, even over state. He has already cups jeans scarves hat and shorts with his name on it. Last Saturday a local television aired for the first time the commercial where he is the protagonist.
-Buy Bingiboa spray for your flies to die - he says in the commercial, after a gigantic ball misses a tiny fly. It seems, that in the city of Moskstone, flies are becoming dangerous and a common threat for people. There was a local campaign on television last year with the Senator Mcfly who said -Please not open your door if you smell a bad odor-. It showed a swarm of flies hovering around a golden and blue door. Golden and blue are the color of the State.
This morning Cronemberg is in the field.
-Hey man, how are you doing?- say his friends
-How are you Cronemberg?- ask his opponents
-How is your muscle strain, boss?- ask his masseur
-No problems, we would easily win today cap- assures the coach
-Hey yo Hey yo- cheer the cheerleaders
-Let`s go champ, let`s win this last game- say his teammates.
This is in fact the last game of the season and it is very very important for the team to win and to have a statistically good individual performances.

After the game he returned to his apartment. He lived all by himself. There was silence in the building. He walked six flights of stair. He had his own place. Couch Net told me him that he was a real champ and if he wanted to live by himself he would have lived by himself. No questions about it. There was a incredible silence that evening. It was late evening. He dropped the bag on the floor, looked in a pocket of his jeans and found the apartment key. He always knew where his stuff was. He opened the door graciously. He checked nearby that no flies were around twice, the, he closed the door carefully and took a shower. He was no so hungry. He ate what he was supposed to eat strictly following the diet instructions. -You are not obliged to follow any diet- said Cronemberg`s mom. -You are absolutely no fat-. He nodded. She was right. But he strictly followed the diet that Mr Buger gave him anyway. There were also those one called 'the additives'. Medical supplies, completely legal, he took every day after a game, win or lose that it be. He recalled the game won today. The statistics showed a perfectly good performance. He put these little bottles of addictive in front of him in 3 rows. Mr Buger told him to take only 1 row of addictive per day. No more no less. -Have you heard me little boy?- asked Mr Bug. -Have you heard me?- He recalled him adding something before reminding him -no more than 1 row per day-. So he took one row of little bottles and drank`em. Even Coach Net once told him to not go over the first row of little blue and golden bottles. -Don`t drink more than one row of bottle, captain, is it ok?- said the old coach. It was very important to not drink more than 1 row of little bottles. So he took the second row of little blue an golden bottles and drank`em. One time, he recalled that even the old Spencer Cronemberg, his grandfather told him something about him. -Son, I`ve been a football player myself too. I played for the Grasshoppers of Toronto for seven seasons. Well, nobody took but what the doc said to take. Have you understood me, son?- he asked and then asked again- Do you have it all clear? Do you?- So he took the third row of little bottles and drank`em.
The day after that day it rains the whole day. The day after that, the police come to his apartment and found his body on the couch. They inspected the place to find evidences. The found absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. They looked to each other clueless. The coroner arrived after a while. He looked around to find evidences of any kind but he found nothing. Journalists from local newspaper and local TVs were waiting outside. The coroner had a little press conference outside. He explained that the young boy suffered from an aneurism and probably passed away while sleeping on the couch.