The Dead by Joyce

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Feb 28, 2019 06:58
The Dead by Joyce

This is the last short story of the book. It ends with a dead just as it has started.
Te plot is very straightforward: Gabriel Conroy and his wife Gretta go to his aunts`s house for the celebration of Christmas. Gabriel is his aunt`s pupi' he will give a speech before dinner and he will make sure the party will procede without incidents.
He plays the role of the educated and responsible man who makes sure everything will go all alright. However, his night will be full of little failures and frustration.
Since his initial meeting with Lily, a poor girl who works for his aunts, Gabriel expectations of joy and success will go disappointed; Lily will reveal her bitterness as Miss Ivory her close-minded and strictness. The main themes of the story are the situation of Ireland which sees his citizens divided and unhappy, the hegemony of Catholic church that stifles people`s live and initiative, the emergence of unknown memories.