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Dec 25, 2013 18:49
The lecture, as like the reading, analyse bulling issue focusing on the educational context, and summaryze their typical behaviour.The reading refer how the bulllies behaviuor have been seen as a way for children or teenagers to drew attention of teachers and parents and agree with the idea that a good solution could be for the students to stand up for themselves. On the other side the lecture challanges this idea and explains that it doesn't work, as the bullies choose very careful victims that are not able to defend by themselves.
More than this could work a special anti-bulling school program that deal with this issue in a new way. No more individual talking or easy expulsion for children that act as bullies but a social program kept by a team of expert teacher that analyze the situation and find solutions such as group activities and works togheter. This way seemes to produce good results, until now.