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Jan 1, 2014 20:07

I grew up listening to the doors.
It was a red sunset on a beach when a friend of mine was listenting to a song on auricular and passed it to me.
It was "Soul Kitchen" I guess, or something that sounds in a way that their first album does.
I mean, without all that blues chords.
I was impressed. I was only fourtheen but i've never heard something like that. I gave a suspicious glance at that girl I considered beautiful but stupid - I was clearly in love with her- and watched the blue sky under the sea. I felt that music would accompany me for the rest of my life. And so it was.
In fact I grew up thinking that one has to be beautiful shining and feminine, and, obviuosly I tried hard to be like him. I failured miserably
It was an huge disaster but I learned a lot of others things from him.
It was his the first words of love that I heard in my entire life. I've never heard them before. I never heard "she is my girls, she is the world" or "I love you the best, better than all the rest" There was nobody that taught me tenderless but him.
But, obviously, there are more. I mean it is easy to consider someone just an icon of success or a wrong model for young people.
First he was a great poet. Behind his lyrics there are strong beliefs and a smart reflextion made on Nietszche' s philosphy,
I think he influenced me as a writer, too.
I never forget his short story about the car accident that involved an Indian family.
He said something about a child something like the "child as frail as an egg shell".
It was meaningful,
The same happened with his interpretation of Oedipus at the end of a song called "the end" That reminds me another song "the end and the beginning".
I think the end and the begging are quite the same thing.
It is little complicated. I don't mean tha the end and the beginning are always the same. But in love's affairs the beginning is very similar to the end of the story!
The first look is the last look. Something that begins in a way, it doesn't end in another way.
So the same happens in the Oedipus complex. The Oedipus complex is the beginning and the end of all our love relationship. It influences all our relationship as rhe end and the beginning of them.
But, why do i start talking about this stuff?
I want to add that i love Jim Morrison's voice, yes he wasn't so tuned but he was quite ironic when he sang "I tell we must die" or one of my favorite, a cover "The men don't know but tha little girl undestand"
It was obviously a brag but it stills funny!