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Nov 8, 2014 00:43

I don`t want be your friend, I just wanna be your lover tum tum
forget about your house of cards
and I `ll do mine tum tum
Sometimes, love is tough
but as Mercuzio says
if love`s tough with you
you have to be tough with it....
It `s so easy to become love`s bitch
it is almost like to close your eyes
as Dylan says
someone that closes your eyes for you and even more...
it ain`t me baby...
but tum tum
I may be a love`s bitch
but I am man enough to admit it...
this is what Spike would say tum tum
I don`t want be your friend
I just wanna be your lover...
who is this Spike?
Spike is a blonde vampire that stopped by the "hell`s mouth"
he thought it would have stayed just for a while
but he will stay there for ever
until he `ll die because of love.
He was a poet before becoming a vampire, but as poet his woman rejected him...
as vampire no woman can`t help falling in love with him...tum tum
forget about your house of card
and I `ll do mine
So he drunk blood and became a vampire, end of the story!
He went to Sunnydale and died because love.
That should be good.
To think that you are dying for something good, for a better world
tum tum. (I did it my way it is ok but sex pistols`version)