EDGAR II (with the continuation)

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Mar 9, 2018 01:50
EDGAR II (with the continuation)

Edward was dead. Her mom, a Seventh-Day Adventist with a past in rehab for heroine and alcohol hired me the other day. She called me on the phone. "My son is dead...in Baton Rouge". She explained he was a street artist, a musician, a homeless, and that he had drug problems. "He haven`t called me in six weeks and I just read that a body of unidentified boy was found the other day, in Baton Rouge. It must be him" He was burned alive by some hobos who spend the night under the same cardboard box. "How can you be so sure ?" I asked. She said she knew.
Therefore, I spent a last couple of days in Baton Rouge. I was staying in a filthy hostel in the night while during the day I went around in the neighborhood with Edgar`s picture in my pocket.
Blue and red signs, little taverns, dark streets corners were the only little friends I had during my staying there. It was a little depressing.
I had been in every single place of that town only to make sure he was not alive. Then, after a while, I directed myself to Odessa, TX, to meet the mother, who lives there. She was sitting by the porch. "Couldn`t bring me my boy back, ah?" she said when saw me. We enjoyed a dark roasted coffee in the cold breeze of the sunset. "I knew you couldn`t find him. He`s dead now." She went over some details she didn`t mention in the call. "He called me two months ago. He was doing better than usual. He had some kind of vision. We even prayed God together." Her eyelids hovered quietly for a second and I remembered that I was there to do my job. So, I chose the best words possibly to explain what happened in Baton Rouge.
"Thelma" I said "Police said your son was a heroine addicted with also a bad alcoholism problem. They said he argued with another man, a hobo who he spent the sidewalk with" "Allie, no wait, Allan, yes he was like a dad for him, a paternal figure" she added "I know, I know, go head". I continued "Well, it seems that they had some stupid fight and that this Allan set him on fire while he was asleep. He must`ve been very desensitized by drugs or whisky and chances are that he was unconscious for most of the time."
"Is that was they say?" she asked ironically.
"However" I continued showing I was taking into account her remark "the body is still to be identified but chances are that we will never know if it`s him"
Then I made the most difficult part of my speech. I tried to be the more professional and objective I could.
"You know, these days, on Baton Rouge..." she didn`t expect me to continue my report but acted like she wanted to listen to me very carefully "these days on Baton Rouge have been very difficult days. I went here and there and every time I showed your son`s picture I was welcome with silence or indifference. After the first glance, people stopped to look the picture and stared at me for few seconds then left. It went like that the whole first day and the morning of the second. But, during the second day, in the afternoon, something began to change. I showed the picture to a passersby who smiled and said: "Oh yes I know him. He`s there" and the pointed out a bar across the street. I found it strange. I went in every single shop and bar up and down the street and I was sure he wasn`t there. But, yes, I went in there anyway. When I came out again a tall guy looked at me inquisitively, so I asked "have you ever seen this boy?" and he went "he`s inside". I looked for him and examined every single inch of Baton Rouge only to make sure about something I was already sure of. I asked other people and the few who consented to talk, indicated the same bar and then they distractedly kept walking their way. The third day, early in the morning, I made my last attempt. I decided that I had had enough. I asked again and the result was the same. So I decided to take a car and to come here to you to make my report" I said finally, ending my story with a long sight.