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Mar 4, 2018 12:04

So, there is this guy I know from work, he`s Mexican, Jose is his name. Too funny, he came from a city or a village with the longest name, guadalupa, guantaladupa, the fuck I know. When he joined us at the farm he was the worst, he had no clue about how the work is get done and also was the laziest of the guy, you know? I am not too eager to work too, but I do what I have to and the owner is pretty happy with me I can tell, I am Italian though and I do do stuff in a way that I amuse my coworkers and even the landlord sometimes compliments me for my good attitude. I am a supervisor though. I don`t even do the same job they do, down at the plantation. Most of my job consists in walking through them with a watchnwhile they`re picking up, and to pretend I`m take the time. Yes, you heard damn right! Joshua, the boss`s son, he said that, in his words – Hey Alex, don`t even take the time all right? You just pretend to do so. They just need to know we are after them every day every time. We got fucking standard, you hear all right?” That`s how good they are. Ehy, I`m not sayin` they`re saints or whatever you wanna call`em, I am not saying that. They take of their interests all right, you know what I mean? If they hire Mexicans they do for the money they spare all right. It is what it is. Jose was the worst though. An early morning I found him around a corner smoking good stuff. - Ehy yo motherfucka, what are you doin`? You betcha go to work now- The motherfucka glared at me smiling and started moving his ass. -Hey come here Jose- I said -What are you smokin` at?- I took the dark cigarette from his fingers and took some drag. So since that day, every day before work we have been smoking marijuana every morning before work. I even chipped in a couple of time with good money. -But I am your boss, remember-. We changed the place where to do it `cause we don`t want to get caught. -So Jose- I used to mock him -who is your boss?- One time this lazy guy gave me an answer I can`t still wrap my head around. He said -You ain`t no my boss . You ain`t none boss around here, man. You don`t have the words.- What the fuck he meant I `ll never know. I am Italian all right, I came here with a better English than everybody around here and this motherfucka told me I have no words. -Go to work motherfucka- I said. He kept the cigarette around his fingers for a while then put it out and left. That motherfucka. I don`t have the words. See, I am not against immigration, I am not even against illegals to be honest. They do their job all right, I guess. Americans need to do other stuff if they wanna pay mortgage. I kinda recognize we need them. But if you legalize motherfukers like this, they would learn some English and pretend do have better job than we have. In ten years we are screwed. I mean, they need to pay their dues as everybody`d else, is that clear all right? The wall, well the wall is all good, it is pure gold. Because they will understand we don`t want them here all right, they will keep in mind who`s the boss `round here motherfuckers. They will come here anyway though. Even children know that. They come from the underground, like rats, for God`s sake. You hear that all right. Jose was neither good nor bad, to be honest. A little lazy to be honest. He worked, minded his own business, earned his 3 dollars per hours, and went home after sunset like everybody else. Only in the morning, we had our little affair with the a little marjiuana all right.

This morning he isn`t there. Fuck Jose, where the hell are you?! You know I need a drag or two, early in the morning. It makes me works, zero thoughts, work`s good, silence in mind and mind to the job. I do basically nothing. I see these two guys comin` towards me, Juan and Pedro, their names. They`re kids all right. A couple of time they joined me and Jose last week before work. -Hey fellows, where the hell is Jose? You know that all right? -They look at me speechless, there is something wrong, I`m Italian for Christ`s sake and I know what I am saying. -What`s wrong with you guys? I am going now to tell the boss if you don`t rat him out all right, right here, right now- I want to sound intimidatory and caught them by surprise so they couldn`t resist me and confess. But they are making that much resistance. They are making a sign for me to follow them. It is hot. The sun blinds me through the sunglasses. I see people working quietly without being blinded by the sun. They move fast enough between the rows picking up, picking up. They follow a kinda rhythm, nobody is too slow nobody is fast or hectic. Good boys, good boys. Even girls work here sometime. The heat is so strong I feel my head spinning fast. I am following these two guys, Jose`s friends. Where on earth is this guy? I tried to inhale enough air to continue but I am panicking, my heart`s skipping beats and my limbs are numb. I need a drag or two with this sun. We reach a place where everybody gather to drink some water but I can`t stop, if I stop I faint, if I stop I am done. Suddenly Pedro and the other guy take a path I don`t know. They stop and we are in a place I`ve never seen before. It is on open space between two plantations, it is just 20 feet large. Actually it is not so far away from where Jose starts his job every morning. I stop. I try to not think about the sun hitting me for a whiile. -Well?- I say. And the two guys, Pedro and the other say -Here`s Jose, senor-. I look where they are looking without fully comprehending what they are saying. I look back to make sure nobody is behind us. I kinda figure it out better now. There is this tomatoes plant, very well kept, of a good red and ready to be picked. It`s Jose. You can tell. One can always tell these things. -We shall pick him up?- ask the two guys a little confused. -The hell I know - I say-I have to ask my boss-