The influence of the light and of the water

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Sep 24, 2018 01:21
The influence of the light and of the water
Note of M. Eugene Mansard, “On the combined action of the light and of the water on the plants` scent release”, in Compets rendus de l`Academie des Sciences, volume 122, page 493.

In summary, it is the light and not the oxygen, as it has been claimed, to be the main cause of the transformation and the destruction of the odoriferous substances; but these two agents seem to combine their effect in many circumstances.
The action of the light makes itself felt in two different ways: on the one hand, it acts as a chemical power capable of supplying energy to all the transformations of the odoriferous substances: on the other hand, it exercises a meccanic action that plays an important role on the general biology of the plants, and this propriety explains, in sum, the periodic release of the plants` scent. The intensity of the scent of a flower, depends, in fact, on the balance that during all the hours of the day is established between the water pressure in the cells, that tends to cause the emission of the scent contained in the epidermus , and the action of the light that fights (contrasts) this turgescence. The all physiology of the fragrants plants comes out of this simple notion.
This explains thus why in the Oriental countries, flowers are more odoriferous than in our countries …this also explains why the general vegetation in the Orient is thorny and skinny: in these countries there are too much light and not enough water.