I got nothing for you 2

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Feb 26, 2014 18:40
I got nothing for you 2

Remember when, remember when I was a land and you were a Country with rules laws, prohibitions, I was every day in probation, saturday night free but sunday in jail all day, between your legs, licking your face, your mind your thoughts like an animal like a little animal, a serp, a monkey, a loathing baby woolf.
Because all I wanted was the truth and you got nothing for me.
Sometimes it was funny, it was so funny because you were the nurse and I was the writer, so I could get up at every time in the day and say to you "this is my day I rule!" and you were very fascinating because I don't remember why because you were so naked and I have all the power that I needed to estabilish the truth for everyone but. But you got nothing for me and suddenly it was dark, we were under the sheets and you are crying, nobody gets you, nobody could get you, it is so painful, I feel so lonely because, because I got nothing for you!, and I am so cruel, saying it aloud, that it is almonst funny, funny, funny, while you're crying out yourself and I got nothing for you, me too.