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Feb 11, 2019 12:11

The theme of the meaning of History is central in the second chapter of the book. It is intimately connected with the theme of justice.
Life rules do not seem to apply to our concept of justice. A matter of fact, without the love of our mother everybody will probably succumb before becoming an adult.
Besides maternal love there is only the course of History; the succession of facts that happened and that have ousted other infinite possibilities.
Stephen seems deeply interested with the injustice of History.
Historical determinism is his worst nightmare.
In this chapter determinism is represented by the economic status of his students that causes them to not take him very seriously.
"In a moment they will laugh more loudly , aware of my luck of rule and of the fees their papas pay" he thinks.
He has a similar impression while talking with Mr Daisy. He completely disagree with him but can see the necessity that brings him to have a certain point of view on reality. Joyce makes fun of such a determinism by putting the words "the dictates of common sense" on Mr. Daisy`s mouth.
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