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Aug 12, 2018 14:32
Who is gonna kiss my face
when I`ll be cold, and dead as well
who is gonna prepare me
a nice tie a beautiful dress
who is gonna, you know?
my mom is dead, the poor lady
so young so smart, had to crush
and destroy all her fun, all her hopes
so when I am dead, who is gonna
to paint my tiny cheeks, compose
my head with my body, make it a whole
again when I am dead?
My beloved dad is dead, a bad yellow
fever took him from us
and there was not a chance to say
goodbye my dear, farewell
so when I am dead who is gonna
touch my body one last time
I guess not you, not you
who feasr the worms and have
obliterated me years ago
so maybe some beautiful
stranger hands maybe an indian
doctor maybe an american girl
who may whisper his amen
on my sane immobility my cold
stability for good.