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Dec 28, 2014 15:35

-They tell youth is summertime`s in bloom, flowers at the prom when he knocks at the door, crazy partying at the College and that`s all about blossom or getting naughty, that`s what they say...-
It was Christmas Eve, if you `d try, you could hear people having soup children having fun cats pouring down Christmas ball and getting chopped by ornaments or tinsel.
Two people were walking trough High Street. Nobody was outside. Good people maybe stay home for Christmas.
So the other said:
- I was so young when I met him, my daz-dazzling charming man! Oh I wish I could spend one more minute in my bedroom waiting for him knocking, fearing my mom screaming it is not that I am going to let you go out this time lady. Oh poor mom, she was so darn dear...-
Meanwhile saying it a car screeching loudly steering on a round and went to crush against a wall. A thick smoke exhaled from the vehicle.
The first went:
- They sell you products, don`t they? They tell you that`s important to go there and to do stuff, homecoming parade, veterans day but all those crap are useless if you are all alone or with pimply dumb roommate...they sell you stuff and they expect you to do the same! It is said youth is feeling the strength in your fist, they say that it is like a flame, a fire...-
The man visible dazed come out the car staggering. He felt down two times and crushed his head over making such a metallic sound. Dark was the night above, It was a full moon Christmas Eve.
-I wish you know, I wish I had time to do all things properly, because he was the man, he was the one, touching him was like enter home, something comfortable and exciting at the same time...-
The bruised man tried to say something to them while police siren starting to be audible.
-I can`t stand this society with all its damn stupid stereotypes! They say a lot of things, they sell you something because they want you to buy something. Everything`s for sell, damn! And I`ve forgotten the last time that I cried, I mean, truly, not only inside. See this city, see this street! Don`t you see?! Showcases and signs, firms, brands and death...I don`t even remember...-
The police arrived. two officers went out the car. They looked up for people hoping nobody got trapped inside. The moment they got the driver lying down the ground and blooding like hell, something from the car started bursting. Second by second the little explosions were becoming more loud.
- He was perfect to me- said the woman -And I was perfect to him-
A great blast blew up making the car collapse in your tracks and a honks started screaming violently. An ambulance got the place. White dressed doctors administered first aid to the man which looks sleepy like a baby but alive,
In the meantime the two were passing close the wall crushed by the car.
-You know the only thing that make me get know what is the only...-
-Hey! Hey you!- said the policeman -kids! you can`t go this way! Don`t see you what has occurred??!!!
The other officer tried to calm him down -Go easy on them! They are just kids! Plus it has to be them to call us, they are the only ones who could`ve seen the car steering out and crush over the wall-
The two turned around without paying any attention to the police.
-I`ll tell you something, the sex with him was so good, oh so good...-
They went over the last house of the block. It was Christmas Eve, good people stay home apparently. Children wait for gits, parents too, if you`d hear carefully, you could hear cats getting chopped by decoration or pouring down Christmas ball.
-Youth is not what they tell it is. It is not all about blooming. Not at all! It`s about having someone that watch your back! It`s like a sandwich, if your back is covered you will be able to think to the top, which is your future. And to feel it. If not, it is all about...craziness.-