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Mar 16, 2018 14:05

This is a Greek songs book; it contains some roundelays very popular among kids in Corfù.

I also talked with the Countess and she assured me that will come to talk with my daughter in the living room. They will meet halfway.

I am sorry to say this, my dear Count, but, from what I can see, it is going from bad to worse. Your family ruins and your only concern is these trifles.

Don`t you know that things get turned upside down when the head of a family`s missing?

Your dear wife, the Countess, is a bit haughty! Do we want to make peace between mother and daughter in law?

We need to have them getting together, talking to each other, apologizing to each other, and finally reconciling to each other. It`ll be better if you could be there too.

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