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Feb 11, 2019 02:45

Usurpation is the theme of the first episode of the book. Since the beginning of the chapter we can see that the center of the scene is taken by Buck Mulligan, who is only a protagonist`s friend.
He competes with Stephen at many levels. He tries to be more witty then him; also he would like to appear more knowledgeable than Stephen. He relentlessly teases and provokes him for the time that the two boys spend together. However, at times, he has to recognize the deepness of Stephen`s reflection and view on art and life.
There are many themes revolving around the concept of usurpation in these first three chapter. The usurpation is real, symbolic, and imaginary.
The domain of imaginary is that one pertaining cultural and literary`s reference.
Buck Mulligan starts his battle over the symbolism of names. He gives Steven credit for his Greek name but also remarks his own as poetically relevant too, as it is composed by two dactyls. At the same, Stephen compares himself to his friend, saying that, unlike him, he is not a hero, he has not saved any man from drowning.
The usurpation is -finally- real as Stephen is forced to leave his key and to look for another place where staying, even though he has paid rent for it.
The role of Haines could be compared to that of Eurymachus in the first book of the Odyssey: he acts as a kind of judge between Telemachus and Antinous.
Right as in the Odyssey, his role is ambiguous, probably envious, he regards Stephen as 'not a gentleman' with Buck, but praised him for his literary talent when talking with him.
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