Statement of Purpose

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Nov 22, 2013 17:25

I always thought that having a dream is the most important thing in life. It doesn’t matter how hard and difficult is the way, what really counts is to stay positive and do never quit. My university career wasn’t a bowl of cherries, actually I had some up and down and I had to struggle a lot to accomplish my goals and get good grade but as Andre Agassi says "I have been motivated by overcoming challenge and overcoming the hurdles that face me."
Several times I had to interrupt my studies and put my exams off, but It was for a great reason, to provide and support my family, so even though a full time job didn’t allow me to continue my studies work, I always knew that first o late, I would go back, over to my first passion. And so it was. I graduated on Philosophy with first class honors and I started immediately to dedicate myself to a life of an educator teaching Italian as foreign language in the most important School and Culture Association of my city Bologna. There are two reasonable motivations in doing that, the first is that I always considerate Philosophy a brunch of Education, and Education the most important thing in the world. The second is my old fascinating for linguistic science and my good attitude in learning language.
But the reality overcomes the expectations. What I’m trying to say is that the reality of teaching was way better than my best expectations, and harder too. It’s very important being always motivated and never get discouraged for a single mistake or for a student that didn’t pay attention. " These are kind of things that can happen!", used to say my colleagues "yes, but I don’t want that happen to me!" I always answered. I choose a very difficult way to do my job and I could summarize it up in these words "never blame students for unsatisfactory results but always find an other way!" And, as references from my students well prove, it works.