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May 13, 2015 04:25

My cat`s having a seizure attack! Please call the veterinarian!
Rome`s seizure of power in the western world wasn`t without consequences.
If you want to avoid drowsiness keep shifting your eyes.
Liars do not shift their eyes!
Everything comes with a price!
Along the railroad you can see little decaying carcasses of dead animals.
Don`t pass here! You don`t have enough room on your far side!
"Bankers are wankers!" was a motto of 70`s antagonist movement.
La Guardia cut off patronage for any capitalist who was a corrupted expression of mafia-family power.
It is fair to favorite employment for merit instead of patronage jobs!
He champions immigrants and diversity in the USA.
I champion the idea the soccer should play in the elementary school of every single State of the USA!
Nuclear disarmament is extremely necessary.

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