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Nov 21, 2018 13:26

I always thought that a chilly day was the same as a cool day but I found out that for someone chilly is the same as cold. Mumble mumble. Either I used it wrong or they are using wrong.
Anyway, today the temperature is 29. Someone would say that is cold. But I assure you that for being the 20th of November, in Freeze-sconsin,it is only chilly. It could be way worse.
By the way, today in America, there was a recall for Romaine lettuce. Some ate it and got sick. So, they removed them from the shelves of the stores etc. etc. The funny thing is that this afternoon I did not want to go out for grocery because I am as lazy as a lazy fish in hot bowl. But, I decided to go anyway. I wanted to have meat and salad for dinner. I went there, bought the stuff and returned home. I cooked my meat and ate my salad early because I had to talk with my girlfriend, who lives in Brazil, and is 4 hours head of me. Anyway I was dishing up when my republican roommate, to whom I talk to once per month, told me that there was this recall for Romaine lettuce, and all. So I went to the store and made sure it wasn`t the 'evil' one, the kind that I bought before.
I have reasons to believe I did not eat it. Mine is kinda curling while Romaine looks straight.
Anyway, the funny thing happened with my republican 'friend'. After he told me about this recall, I searched for the receipt. "Therefore" I said "if the poisoned me, at least I will sue them". He looked at me smiling and said "Why should they pay you? They did not know!" He laughed, genuinely happy that a multinational that makes millions of dollar of profits per second doesn`t have to pay the people that has poisoned and maybe killed. He shredded his shoulder. This is the market, this is how the world works. That`s what makes America great again? I thought. Putting money before people? I say nothing. I smiled. I can`t care less about what he thinks. You can`t change what people believe by arguing with them. Just do the right thing and whatever will be will be. At the end of the day, I am Italian. Whatever will be, will be! That doesn`t mean that I don`t care; only I can`t do more than what I do. So I ate a cookie, a vanilla cookie. Weird, because in the box it is written that they are wafers; which, to my knowledge look completely different.. So, I opened my laptop, went to google and typed: vanilla wafer...recall?