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Feb 17, 2014 22:36

Just a brief thought, an easy glance to the death.
When I think about all the people that are died, I quit believing in something
understandable. In those moments religions don't make any sense to me.
I don't get a lot of thing about religion. Why Dante puts Plato and all people that have lived before Jesus Christ in the Hell. Dante, is that convenient? Is that fair?
So we have a lot to debate and I always lose the discussion because he has written Divina Commedia, and that is more than enought!
Once the idea of the death was really scary to me, and I admit that sometimes still is, and I'm sure that always will be, but I have family in the Heaven, so I can't be really afraid to follow them.
One thing that is scarier than death itself It's to watch your loved ones passing away.
Yeah, that's something in life that still reamains unfaceable to me. Something that's impossible to deal with. But, it's fair enought and I would not change it.
But there is more about death, there is something that really pisses me off, I mean, it makes me in the worse attitude ever. It's to die with people that I don't know, for instance, in a flight. I would not like to die in that way but what bothers me most is the persuasion that the other people could start screaming a lot crying as children praying aloud or something like that. Oh my God, that would be really terrible I prefer to sit on the nuclear bomb as the aviator of the Dr.Strangelove movie, smiling to the crush hoping that my sacrifice would be useful for the humanity...but...wait a second, noooo, I don't think it was so! His smile was just dumbfounded sactisfaction of someone that has just reached to accomplish his stupid goal! Or maybe that's real meaning of the death!
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