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Aug 21, 2019 10:03

I am interested to research the Machiavelli awareness on language function and importance both in his moral and aesthetic repercussions. His private correspondence proves that he reflected on it at length. In his work on Florentine he also harshly criticizes Dante for his lack of patriotism, clearly connecting language and politics.
Peterman sees in Machiavelli attempt of redefinition of words and concept a sign of cultural autism, a refusal to negotiate words meaning which was also an important tenet of the Renaissance humanistic philology.
According to him, "The Discourses" are a better work in reason of the dialogue with the classics he introduces in it.
Ascoli is less trenchant in his evaluation of Machiavelli insistence on redefine words and concepts; he considers it the natural aspiration of a poet who creates a literary world.
The questions posed by these critics are multiple:
-What are the differences between the language Machiavelli adopted in the Prince and in other political writings?
-Do we find that he tries to redefine words and concepts on other words? Which ones?

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