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Jul 29, 2016 07:10

He stooped, touched the earth and said "Good morning, Morgantown"

I wouldn`t stoop to begging.

He is a tall man whit a stoop.

I hate the verb to yearn and to yield. The former means to intensely desire something. For example, I yearn for her kisses, or I yearn to kiss her. The latter means to produce something. For instance, Italy yearn tobacco and grapes. Another meaning is to give up, in traffic rules it means that you have to give up your right to cross or turn at an intersection in favor of someone who is coming from another direction. I hate giving up my precedence; people should let me pass because I`m in hurry,

I turn to God in repentance and He said "That`s ok". (He is an American).

The span of the bridge can`t be more than 34 ft so if they`ve blown it, you can jump.

It took me a lifespan to get over you, evil woman.

The brisk wind shook my beautiful hair.

My friends told me to spruce up the place but I like it dark and gloomy.

I will never humble down, unless you have a gun, that case it is ok, I am proud, not stupid.

So Carl said "are you still hoarding your liver?" and Fiona said "Oh yeah". The kids wanted his sister`s liver for their father transplant.

I don`t want to carry on his order, I will just do it as I want.

Pit bulls are deranged dogs created in the lab.

So Bender went in search of his lover while the space boat was collapsing but he said to Fray he was going to loot the proprieties people have left aboard.

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