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Jan 19, 2016 09:49
I can`t strip off those stains from the floor!
If you want to paint you need to strip off the wallpaper first!

I am fed up with them. Can`t take anymore!
Are you feeling fed up with the situation?

He was touting his prices,
He was touting his unrequested racing tips.

They had the lock bust open but nobody touched their stuff!
I had to bust open that tool case because I lost the key.

She was hovering in the hall, doubtful over telling me that she was gonna get married.

Your father was a bit of a haggler. You could hear his high voice trying ti lower the price of everything, two blocks away.

We should remove that wall! is it feasible?
No it is a bearing wall.

I know you had a cattle so as present I`ll give this fodder for free.
I actually need poultry fodder, do you have it?