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Oct 11, 2018 00:59
B. Lucas's text: Johanne Rivest, "The notion of structure in John Cage," Canadian University Music Review / Review of music of the Canadian Universities , vol. 12, n° 1, 1992, p. 37-51.

It is generally admitted, in what concerns the music of Cage, that is aleatory, almost arbitrary, and that the notation that it employs, invites the interpreter to a free improvisation. Now, this statement deserves some questioning in regard of the complementary notions of reason-heart, rationality-irrationality which both governed the mind of Cage and his way of composing. It was also largely discussed the approach of John Cage, the successive steps that brought him to the indeterminacy. [… ] If this progressive abandonment of the structure could be justified by an aesthetic largely drawing on oriental religion, on the other side,those parameters that a composition method still controlled, have draw less attention.