About linguistics

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Nov 25, 2013 19:58
About linguistics

We can say, without hesitations or doubts, that Krashen’s “Second Language Acquisition theory” is really important in the communicative approach of teaching foreign language. In fact, if nowadays teachers and students are involved as equality partners in a learning process that puts on focus communication skills as speaking listening and interacting with others people, we have to say thank to him and his studies. His works finally brought linguistics, psycholinguistic, and pragmatic theories into teaching and they have demonstrate how important extra linguistic competences could be.
Anyway I’d like to step back to who have mostly influenced Krashen and others academics of many different fields, I mean Noam Chomsky, the scientist of the “Language Acquisition Device theory” that have changed linguistics studies forever. In that theory Chomsky demonstrates that linguistics knowledge and ability to speak and understand languages are the product of an universal innate ability that enables each normal child to acquire, process and generate language. As incontrovertible evidence that an innate ability exists to recognize syntactical relationship within a sentence, he underlines the fact that children can easily understand and plus transform declarative sentence into different forms as interrogative. In order to prove the independence of grammar from semantic level he have composed the well known sentences “ Colorless green idea sleep furiously” grammatically correct but obviously meaningless and the other “Furiously sleep idea green colorless” both grammatically and semantically uncorrected.