EZRA POUND (to Ezra Pound)

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Mar 31, 2018 14:08
EZRA POUND (to Ezra Pound)

I was told -who say
I had a friend back in Italy
"ogni sera di fronte al mio balcone" do you mean
the bard the rascal the Evil Maestro, right?
every siglo (entiendes Espanol?!) tienes
los hombres que soy
fascism is it, now that we now are talking, about
conspiracy theories, right? (the really dark spot of the
human... part, really sick really really spicy) listen to me (!)
listen, I was told "just" yesterday that
(do you mean Sex??)
Nazism was that too
the black hole right-right, without
Einstein, (he was too much stubborn too much...
impoverimento, popolazione globale
poetry, decadenza, Baudelaire so the fault would
be, once again, French? oui oui mon ami
oui oui viva l`Italie, l`Italie s`e` desta
(“in Italian in the text”)
behaviorism or bovarysm darling? darling please be a
pass me my porcellana cara mia for tonight-tonight
good-night lady good
Norimberga (was not) fin the siecle mon cheri
it was barbarian the life we lived barbarian but now
I was told that “that” Pound right?! the poet who lived in Italie
everybody knows but everybody have buried (him)
alive, Mrs Heine right?! he will, like Easter like
resurrect, he will
oh, that`s right what I was told -yawn!!!- late tonight yes yaw...
yes it was the only way the modernists could do -they say-
a poem?