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Jan 4, 2014 03:25

-I've never seen cats there
-ohhh, there will be amazing to be there! Finally we will be no longer worried about them! There are no cats in America! Otherwise in our great mother Russia...Once I went to Minsh with my family! We are passing through the snow when my father noticed huge footsteps and screamed! I fainted, losing counsciousmess, and when i waked up I had no longer a father, but...
-There are no cats in America and people will offer us cheese as present, there are no cats in America and we will be very safety and fine!
-if you only know terribles things that every moment happen to my Country! you say Russia is bad? how can explain how much worst is what happen in my Country??
We pass through such a bad time living without any cheese at mother went to the Padrino, my beloved mother, but...
-There are no cats in America and people will threat us very well...there are no cats in America we will be fine right there!
-So sad, but my story is sadder! I was just a kid when i lost my first love! A siamese cat find us unprepared. With the tusk he catched us and there is no more her but just her tail! Now she rest under a flower's shelter!
-There are cats in America, and so we'll go there, though the sea
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