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Jul 2, 2014 21:29

I actually turned down an offer to teach Italian in Libia some months ago. It was a real big deal of money and now I realize that I lost a chance to save some long green! But I said to myself "Don't mess with Libia, damn stupid old boy! It is a war-zone!" (Me and myself have a long-term relationship so I'm allow to talk directly)

Anycase lately I had second thoughts about not going there. I mean, money is money, I could earn my soldier's pay, in a way! I think that I would be a good soldier if I loved guns riffles, war and devastation, but I think that I'd stay with my position as a teacher of italian, even if it is hard sometimes. Students make questions want answers don' t adore me as they would.

Anyway it is a pity that I'm not a soldier. I'm beautiful in uniform!

With hindsight I guess that I would have been Hemingway but don't think there is a school for this.
I'd stay with Alessandro (me) it is boring, not such good deal but I've started get used to it!
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