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Jan 3, 2014 20:16

Talk about yourself / Say me more about yourself
(What can i say? I'm not so talkative)

What are your strenghts .nd your weakness?
(weakness???i'm THE batman!)

Why do you want this job?/ Why do i choose you for this job?
As Cat Stevens sings "it's the same old story...)

Where do you think you will be, professionally, in five years?
(hope not in jail...ahaah i've never payed taxes)

What is your ideal job? What is your dream job? What do you definite it?
(i think baywather is good, or maybe actor, i like that one man show that exhibits in clubs. They usually tell awful story in a funny way. But it said their life are pretty sad, so baywatcher or astronaut)

What do you search in a job?
(i don't know man! What i could expect in a job?? marmalade?? it is not a toast!

Why do we hire you? Why should we hire you? What do you have more than others canditates? (please, very please??)

What you can(could?) do for us than others can't?
barbecues, i love barbecues and italian cousine.

What is satisfactory at doing your job?
a good wage

Why do you leave your preeceding (last) job?
last what??

What do you know about this kind of job?Have you great experience in this job field ?
absolutely not, so i can learn everything without terrible prejudices

What do you know about us?
i've googled you several times

Are you avaliable to move in other Country or city? Are you avaliable to transfer?

Have you any questions?