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Mar 28, 2015 12:39


The character of Beneatha is very interesting. She is the younger woman of the family, she isa modern a progressive 20 years woman, who studies for becoming a doctor. Her personality is strong enough to make her pick on her old brother, but not enough to recognize love and caring as the foundations of the family she is part of.
Her family is composed by her mam, whom everybody calls only Mama for the whole drama, her brother Walter a 35 years old man who works as a chauffeur, Ruth, her sister in law, 20 years, housewife and occasionally housekeeper, and her nephew Travis, a boy of 10, a smart and sensitive boy.
The drama tells the story of this family who have recently lost its head-family. They are a poor family who lives in a poor neighborhood but who has always tried to climb the socioeconomic ladder. This is a kind of a heritage for them. The father`s dream was to leave his job for something better as the mother has always wanted to buy a bigger house in a nice neighborhood. So then Walter lives a life of frustrating because he can`t leave his job for opening a liquor store while Beneatha studies for becoming a doctor. Unlike all the other she knows what to do with her life, she has always known. When at the end of the drama, her dream seems to be broken for good she will confess why she wants to be a doctor. As a child she saw one of her friends broke one of his facial bone went sledding down a hill and though that she will never have seen him as he was. But medical surgery fixed him up, off course a long tiny scar was visible on his face, but he healed and she found that that was something amazing, the best way she could imagine of helping people.
For the whole drama she seems to be a really selfish person that only cares about her own interest but at the end she reveals this anecdote which is really significant to understand her personality.
But let`s start from the beginning, When the drama commences the family is waiting for a check of 10 thousand dollars coming from the father`s insurance company. Recipient is Mama, the wife, but as they are a family, moreover a poor family, everybody needs that money. Walter wants it to start his own business while Mama and Ruth are way much oriented on buying a better house. Among them Beneatha is the more confident about receiving part of the money for the University tuition fee so she can acts as she wouldn`t care about it. Reality is that she cares about it as she cares about her future. Her relationship with his brother is quite dysfunctional. Their way of communication is to yellow each other great part of the time. Walter seems to not accept her will to become a doctor or at least to put his own wants ahead her using role`s gender as an excuse. What Walter really needs is to lead is own family but he will discover how to do it, only when he will let it go his frustration for not having what he want. Beneatha is quite unfair toward her brother. When he commits a big mistake she blames with no pity no respect no love. Her mother will tell her off because of it. She says to her "you feeling like you better than he is today? What you tell him a minute ago? That he wasn't a man? You give him up for me? You done wrote his epitapth too like the rest of the world? Well, who give you the privilege?"
When the drama ends she has lost her part of money and she still has a lesson to learn. Her ideas make her smart brilliant a witty but as her brother has learned something valuable for his life, she has only lost part of her future in the process. Only way to catch it up again is to learn to trust him, which is her older brother and the head of the family now.
Even if there is no hope for a formal democracy in the institution of family we can see that the only way to make it work is harmony and love. Beneatha is still far away from this kind of deep feeling, and that is probably the reason why nobody takes her seriously when she mentions the idea to get marry and go to Africa. All this new ideas are part of her college experience and the only way she would have to be taken seriously will be to leave home and live on her own.
But she never mentions this possibility. She doesn`t want to. She is just playing around. She loves her family. Problem is she doesn`t know yet how express this feeling. Ironically for the whole drama she complains about the need to express herself through arts but she misses the chance to do it in the context of her real life. .
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