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Jan 5, 2014 00:25

-tell me about last project-work that you led! / which results have you obtained/gained?
My last job was with children. I try to manage to make them learn italian. the results was that I've learnt a little of arabic. It's better than nothing!

-Give me an example of going behind limits of your simple duties at work/ Is never happened that you did more than others expect you to do at work?
I always do my best!

-Can you describe a moment when your work was criticized? Have you never recieved critics at work?
I 've never been criticized! I hate it! It pisses me off. So don't you dare, man!

-Have you never been in a group-work in which someone doesn't reach his goals?
How did you react?
It was me! I didn't overeact.

-Have you never criticize someone of your collegues?/ Have you never given a bad report about someone? How it was?
It was great. Part of life consists to talk bad about someone. No, just a joke! I never do that!

-What was your most important failure and what have you learnt from it?
Ok ok can i lie down, please?

-if I were your boss and I asked you to do something that you consider wrong what would you do?
Wrong or Immoral? it's different Everyday I do a lot of wrong thing, and maybe more! But i try to be moral, a good example for kids. I consider myself a superhero without comics and movie! ahaha!