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Oct 11, 2018 00:23
A. Isaac's text: Pap Ndiaye, "New questions about the work and the family of slaves in the south of United States," Review of modern and contemporary history (1954-), T. 52: No. 4, pp. 18-29.

The actuality of the historical question of slavery and black slave trades seems to be the consequence of two combined phenomenons: on one side the social and political eclipsing of the question, eclipsing which seems less and less reasonable and that was, in fact, recalled into question after the end of the 1990; on the other side, the diffuse impression that certain present situations of the discrimination had a connection with the colonial and slavery past of France, and, as in the title, their historical exploration of the civic virtues.
In the almost totality of our contemporary societies, the slave descendants are at the base of the social ladder, and the regions where the slavery were more developed face some social, economic and political issues, about which it would be simplistic to say that are directly inheritors of the slavery system, but about which it would be dishonest to claim that they have nothing to do with it.