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Feb 2, 2019 09:11

“A Little Cloud” short-story tells about the meeting of two old friends. One has a brilliant career, is a cosmopolitan and seems to be living the dream; the other has put up a family and leads on ordinary life. The encounter is a way for the latter to realize the unexpressed potential of his existence. His frustration becomes so big that he almost desires his child to die.
“A Painful Case” talks about a single man and a married woman who becomes friends and who enjoy spending time together. When he realizes the relationship is going to become physical, ends it abruptly. Few years after she suicides and he realizes that probably the end of their relationship was part of her desperation. He is forced to reflect about the kind of existence he has chosen to live.
“The Dead” tells the story of a family reunion over Christmas. The Morkan`s sisters are the host of the dinner. Gabriel, their nephew, is the protagonist of the story. He came back home with a grand spirit, he seems to be satisfied with his social position he has recently acquired and with his little family. However, during the night, he starts to feel not as happy as he expected. Among others a memory emerges from the past forcing him to change perspective on reality.