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Feb 7, 2014 08:57
You are on your way. You are on the way to home.
Everything's in its right place. Everything is just fine!
Suddenely you wake up, it was just a dream, you has to start over, you has to make your day brightful, as it is just matter of few second of spoiled dream to destroy your rules, your safety life, your future.
Sometimes, you really want to be the prince charming smirking around like a fool.
Oh captain my stupid capitan! How many conquests! How many victories!
You are on your way. There is no directions to home, the city's unreal, the future is just a rule, a good rule, a meaningful rule. So you can smile. You can watch the stars, you can go out for a walk, you can take all the risks that you want.
At least, you don't know who you are but you know well who you never will be.