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Nov 21, 2015 00:36
The aim of this paper is to briefly analyze the recent studies over the impact of lexical aspect in past tense acquisition and provide a coherently functional analysis over the teaching implication it may imply. Since Vender (1967) toppling our knowledge over the subject many important studies have been conducted to demonstrated the influences of the lexical aspect over past tense acquisition. Andersen (1991) and Shirai and Andersen (1994) firstly took into account the naturalist claim of an acquisition of the past tense based on its association to the semantic relevant aspect of the verb. The possibility of the tense as inherently combined to the verb semantic features changes the scenario relatively to the teaching strategies that may be adopted in the classroom instruction. To this aim, it will be fundamental to point out similarities and differences between L1 and L2 past tense acquisition, addressing advantages and disadvantages of a naturalist approach of L2 teaching, based on L1 naturalistic acquisition studies.