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Dec 12, 2013 00:10

According to the lecture, scientists have made a lot of researches to find a way to prevent Alzheimer, a desease that, as we know, take aged people to loss memory.
In one of these researches, they examinate dogs responses to different diets.
As results we have that fruit and vegetable diet can provide for preventing oxidation and brain infiammation. Plus, as results of a fruit a vegetable diet, we have an improving of memory and motor skills. Expecially blueberry is resulted as one of the best aliment in order to get some help to those that suffering from this condition. To beeing more specific, unfortunately, this diet could help who is on the "Mild Cognitive Impirement" stage and not those who are suffering from Alzheimer.
This stage is a sort of first step before the proper disease.
Another reasearch prove vitamine B positive effects on this kind of disease.
As the lecture show the results of the recent researches, the reading informs us about how this condition develops itself and in which case memory loss can be considered just as a simple effect of the age.
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