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Dec 26, 2013 04:33

Once upon a time Christmas used to begin the 8th of December, the day of Saint Lucy. I don't really know why that Saint was or maybe still is so important for someone, what I confusly remember is that she was blind. Maybe someone very evil took her eyes off. that kind of shit usually happen in the book of saints' lifes. But that was nonsense, i mean, i love that saint because she has my mother's name.
By the way, Christmas in my town. We have a huge street marke that starts, as said, the 8th of december. It is a kind of market that everyone loves because there are nothing expensive but just Christams things, such as decorations or little christmas trees. And food, i mean, italian food! I like that market because one of my favorite singer quotes it in a song and because once a girl kissed me right there among the crowd. That is not the only street market in the city, there are a lot, and, even though those days are quite cold, if you are engaged you have to visit all them! Good for you! So the Christam dinner, we usually begin to have soup togheter the 23th of December and one could ask why. I don't know to esplain this, I would say that day is the eve of the eve of Christmas, so we celebrate it! After that we celebrate the eve of Christmas and finally the 25th of December the day when Jesus actually was born, i mean, it is not the real date it is symbolic date, no offense for who believes. I used to believe too but now i'm more for the syncretism. So that's italian Christmas. We usually have thirteen dishes and after that we eat a lot of sweet and liquors.
Children usually live another life during these holidays. They hope Santa bring them what they wish. In order to be considered good they change attitude and behaviours as well that one could make a great effort to recognize his own children! Finally Santa arrives and brings presents and make them happy! In Christmas lovers are happy and family too. Only for single is not a good deal, so, sometime I think that would be better to skip Christmas in order to not hurt the singles. But life is far way to be that. Life is selfish! And Christma is selfish too, But it doesn't really matter! It is not supposed to be different!!