On the clever silent of Maple Street

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Oct 19, 2016 13:42
On the clever silent of Maple Street
the road turns into a dash beat of pansy flowers and clementines
white daisies on orange turquoises of lips
Is everything it needs?
Kings, Queens, Beautiful
Dogs with fancy color skin walk together
on Marple Street
a flood of blood a body liquid
Of what we seek
sucked it from the street
on a beautiful white marble
on a marvelous turning point
where Love we shall pass
and Fear not to have
on Marple street
where the road all taken made a major shift
on Marple street
light green and yellow cow and
very clever blue
on a
it is just like talking that we seek
And suck it from street
on the white marble of a clear light
on the plagiary passage of a turning point
on Maple street.