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Sep 7, 2014 05:21
Life is kind of easy, following the path, loving the seasons, talking to everybody just because of the sun.
So, my life.
My life is kind of fun, I talk with students, I take fun of troublemaker ones, and I live my life apart, generally apart, since my spoken English is like an engine that doesnt want to start up.
The next season I will see leaves falling down freezing on the dark light of the sunset. Maybe I ll have some time to say a pray for those ones that I left coming here, live and dead.
But ease doesn`t last in life and specially in my life. Time will come that I make some mistakes and put myself in trouble as always. And what scares me most it is the consequences that it will cause to me. When I put myself in trouble I really need someone that saves me or the consequences of my actions will make me sad.
To prevent myself to hurt myself, I need another myself that only a lover can build up. So girls, what are you waiting for? Just date me! Life is kind of easy, with me!