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Feb 2, 2019 13:09

4. “The Death” symbolizes the paralysis of the Ireland and of reality. The old generation values are dying out and the new generations seems to be more busy with frivolous ideas than shaping Irish culture. Gabriel represents the bridge between these two generations. The only peer that he met at the dinner party he is a nationalist woman with whom he has a bitter confrontation. The outcome of such an encounter is sterile. They seems attracted to each other but he firmly refuses the invitation to join her in a trip to Western Ireland. Gabriel is interested in keeping up with the family tradition and with his academic life. He doesn`t want any change to occur in his life and despite many the day`s failures and little frustrations, he seems to be able to end the night as he hoped, with the company of his life. But the figure of a past dead lover emerges from his wife`s memory and he is now forced to look for a change. He realized the love for his wife is much more than a simple sexual desire and accepts to go visiting the Western Ireland with her. He wants to know more about her past and about his country; he wants to open himself to the foreign unknown land where he has belonged only partially. Therefore, at the end of the story and of the book, there is a triumph of Death that is also his acceptance and possible his overcome through love. He seems willing to face his jealousy for the “impalpable and vindictive” forces of the past and possibly to move over.
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