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Aug 23, 2019 23:50

Fredi Chiappelli`work on the language adopted by Machiavelli in his political writings is to be considered fundamental for the development of the field. He is the first critic to point out the heterogeneity of the segretario fiorentino`s sources and to identify the two principal tendencies of his writing style. Machiavelli employs many Latin root words with the clear aim of dignifying his treatise and give it prestige. Some of these words (felicitare, periclitare…) also have the function of being part of the technical terminology that Machiavelli both creates and renews from Tacitus and Livy, in a work of imitatio and inventio. The other linguistic debt that he has, is with vernacular Florentine; he doesn’t use Boccaccio`s prose language but a lexicon coming from the people, with aspect of the morphology inconsistent or unrefined. For Chiappelli, Machiavelli employs people vernacular in the attempt of giving energy and realism to his language.