ZADIG (translated from French)

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Nov 8, 2018 02:19
ZADIG (translated from French)

At the time of the king Moabdar, there was in Babylon a young man called Zadig, born with a good disposition, strengthened by education. Although young and rich, he knew how to moderate his passions; he was no pretentious, he didn`t want to be always right, and he knew how to respect the weakness of men. Zadig, who was very wealthy and therefore had a lot of friends, had a healthy friendly face, a fair and moderate spirit, a sincere and noble hearth and believed he could be happy. He was to marry Semire, whose beauty, birth and wealth made the best party of Babylon. He had for her a strong and true affection, and she loved him with passion. They were close to the lucky event that had to join them (in marriage), when, while they were walking together toward a gate of Babylon under the palms that decorate the coastline (the banks) of the Euphrates, they saw some men, armed with swords and arrows, coming toward them. They were the minions of the young Orcan, nephew of a minister, to whom the courtiers of the uncle had made believe that everything was permitted. He had neither the grace nor the virtues of Zadig: but as he believes to be better than him, he was desperate for not being preferred. This jealousy, which came only from his vanity, made him believe he was madly in love with Semire.
The kidnapper caught her and, in a violent raptus, wounded her and make bleeding a person whose sight could soften the tigers of the mount Imaus.
She pierced the sky with her cries. She cried: "My dear husband, I am tore down from that one I adore" She was not worried about the her danger but she thought only at her dear Zadig.