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Jan 9, 2016 03:40
-I am definitely cut out for music! I ll put together a rock`nd roll band and make a million dollars!
-Let`s not get carried away, pliz!

-It is a ruthless company, ambitious as hell, and ruthless.
-I know! Since I was there I was demanded to go along with that but, after what I discovered, I don`t think I can`t keep working for them!

What is the difference between prawn and shrimp?
The Urban Dictionary found that there is a difference. In slang, prawn means a girl with a mad body and an ugly face.
These slang things are stupid as hell.

He hit my self esteem badly. Now I feel fat. I mean, I knew that I was fat but I never saw as a bad thing! Maybe my big personality needs some space after all.

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